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J-Hooks Product Information: J-Hooks are great for securing down smaller EMT piping. Because every construction project requires different piping materials, we offer our J-Hooks in copper, galvanized steel, and copper with plastic tipped options. We strive to be capable of handling our customer’s needs, and offering three different materials with our J-Hooks is apart of that goal.

In some older buildings, it is possible to hear pipes rattling around while water lines are in use. We make plastic coated J-Hooks in order to fit snugly against piping, diminishing the possibility of pipe rattle as the building or house ages. The plastic coatings can also help prevent electrolysis of dissimilar metals.

Prop 65 Warning

Contact Information: For more information, including availability and different materials used, give us a call at 1 (800) 345-2069 or email us at sales@metalproducts.com

Catalog number Description Gauge Case quantity Case weight
12CCJN 1/2″ Copper 12 1000 17
34CCJN 3/4″ Copper 12 1000 21
1CCJN 1″ Copper 12 1000 27
12CCJN-PL 1/2″ Copper w/plastic 12 1000 17
34CCJN-PL 3/4″ copper w/plastic 12 1000 21
1CCJN-PL 1″ Copper w/plastic 12 500 27
114CCJN-PL 1-1/4″ Copper w/plastic 12 500 31
12GAJN 1/2″ Galvanized 12 1000 100
34GAJN 3/4″ Galvanized 12 1000 21
1GAJN 1″ Galvanized 12 1000 27

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