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Pounder, Standard Duty Tip Self-Nailing

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Standard Pounder Product Information: The Pounder, with standard duty tip self-nailing is a telescoping duct hanger that is used with wood joists. The Pounder, made from galvanized steel, adjusts to properly fit in between floor joists to support round duct work.

The Pounder, regular and extra long duct support brackets can be applied where the joist are separated anywhere from 11 to 33 inches.

Our telescoping duct hangers are also equipped with a 1/4″ hole to fit a self-tapping sheet metal screw within the body of the duct hanger. This allows the installer to attach one more form of stability with the telescoping duct hangers.

Contact Information: For more information on our Pounder, Standard Duty Tip Self-Nailing give us a call at 1 (800) 345-2069 sales@metalproducts.com

Catalog number Description Case quantity Case weight
YHNGR-PNDR 11” – 19” 50 9.65
YHNGR-PNDR-L-25(Extra Long) 18” – 33” 25 7.65
YHNGR-PNDR-L (Extra Long) 18” – 33” 50 15.10

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