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Pro Pounder Heavy Duty Tip Self-Nailing

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Pro Pounder Product Information: The Pro Pounder, with heavy duty tip self-nailing is an adjustable duct hanger that has a reinforced self-nailing tip that can be hammered into regular wood joists, or I-joists.

The Pro-Pounder regular and extra long duct support brackets are designed to fit both 16″ and 24″ stud bays.

Our telescoping duct hangers are also equipped with a 1/4″ hole to fit a self-tapping sheet metal screw within the body of the duct hanger. This allows the installer to attach one more form of stability with the telescoping duct hangers.

Contact Information: For more information on our Pro Pounder telescoping duct hangers, give us a call at 1 (800) 345-2069 or email us at sales@metalproducts.com

Catalog number Description Case quantity Case weight
YHNGR-PRO 11” – 19” 50 9.65
YHNGR-PRO-L-25 (Extra Long) 18” – 33” 25 7.65
YHNGR-PRO-L (Extra Long) 18” – 33” 50 15.10

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