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Wedge Duct Hanger

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Wedge Duct Hanger Product Information: The wedge duct hangers “V” channel provides the strength necessary to hold up rigid or flexible round ducting between floor joists. Simply drive the sharp straightened edges of the wedge duct hanger into the joist. If desired, use pilot holes to screw the hanger to the joist for additional stability. You’ll need no tools to install this hanger.

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Contact Information: For more information on our wedge duct hangers, give us a call at 1 (800) 345-2069 or email us at sales@metalproducts.com

Catalog number Description Gauge Case quantity Case weight
YWDG-1623 23-3/4″ 16 25 8.49
YWDG-2015 15-1/2″ 20 50 7.35

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