Duct Hanging Products Photo Gallery

Our line of Duct Hanging products has a wide variety of purposes and ways of hanging ducting. We have duct hanging products for round duct, square duct, and flex duct. These extra pictures are aimed to show the different angles, and allow you to visualize how each of these products function. Each product has a brief description to go along with the picture, a simple scroll over a picture will give you the description and a click will show a larger version of the duct hanging product.

Telescoping Duct Hangers

The Telescoping Duct Hanger line encompasses the first twelve pictures. Each Telescoping Duct hanger has a general length picture, a side view, and a close up picture. The close up of each Telescoping Duct Hanger is essential as each bracket differs and is defined by their end pieces. For instance, the Pounder, Pro Pounder, and Tabbed Bracket with Screw all have the ability to be installed without any extra screws or nails. However, there are best uses for all of the Telescoping Duct Hangers, with the Pro Pounder and Tabbed Bracket with Screw being the best to use with I-Joists and other engineered joists.

Square Duct Hangers and Round Duct Hangers

The remaining pictures of Duct Hanging Products deal with lighter duty square ducting and round ducting. All products are great economical duct hanging options for square ducting and round ducting. All of the lighter weight duct hanging products have pilot holes to allow for the application for a self-tapping sheet metal screw.

More Information on our Duct Hanging Products

For more information on our full Duct Hanging and HVAC line, visit our HVAC Products Page. There you’ll be able to find details on each Duct Hanging product including part number, part size, case quantity, case weight, and the gauge of material used.
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