EDM Wire Photo Gallery:

How We Use EDM Wire Machines:

Our EDM wire machines are an integral part of our in-house Tool and Die Department. Our EDM wire machines allow us to create highly precise die blocks. The inner workings of a die set require the tight tolerances that EDM wire cutters can keep, as even a difference of .005 of an inch could spell disaster for the speed and tonnage our dies run at.

What Custom Manufacturing Projects are Best for EDM Wire Machines?:

EDM wire machines can cut a wide variety of sized parts, although smaller pieces are typically cut. Due to the ability to keep high tolerances (.0005 of an inch), die blocks and other parts required to possess tight tolerances are best made in an EDM wire cutter. While some operations call for all cuts to be made in an EDM wire machine, using these machines as a secondary cutter is possible as well. The majority of a part can be cut by faster machines, but if tighter tolerance holes are required, an EDM wire machine can be used to cut one or multiple holes.

EDM Wire Machine Pictures:

Below represents just how many options one has with an EDM wire machine. These machines are capable of making large sweeping cuts, taking out inches of material at a time, or cutting tiny incisions of details. Some of the photos below are outside custom manufacturing jobs we’ve done in the past, while others are in-house jobs. Check out the pictures down below, and put your cursor over each picture for an expanded explanation for each photo:

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Contact Information:

For more information on our EDM wire machines and custom manufacturing capabilities, give us a call at 1-800-345-2069. For other custom manufacturing capabilities we have, check out our Custom Manufacturing section.

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