Tool and Die Design Photo Gallery

Tool and Die Design for our Building Products:

Our Tool and Die Design Department is an integral part of our operation, and is the foundation for our Building Products line. Having our Tool and Design staff has allowed us to build new dies to create new products, but also to maintain our dies. These functions of our Tool and Die Design Department have been crucial to our success over the years. The Tool and Die Design Department has benefited greatly because of the long list of custom manufacturing machinery we possess. With our long list of CNC milling machines, wire EDM machines, manual mills and lathes, and multiple grinders, our die design staff has the necessary tools to create and maintain all of our tooling.

Tool and Die Design for Custom Manufacturing:

To go along with the previously mentioned custom manufacturing machinery, our Tool and Die Design staff can handle custom die design requests in multiple ways. If CAD drawings have been made of your dies, we can take those and build your tooling the way it has been designed. If you have a prototype of a product that you’re ready to turn into a massively produced product, we can design the appropriate tooling and construct the right die for your custom manufacturing project.

Tool and Die Photos:

Down below is some of our highly trained, and experienced Tool and Die Design staff. There are multiple jobs and machines required to properly operate a Tool and Die Design Department. Each photo has a brief description of what a member of our Die staff is working on, and how that work is important to the die design and building process:

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Contact Information:

Have questions about the die design and building process, or have a custom manufacturing project you’re ready to take to the next level? Give us a call at 1-800-345-2069

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