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Stud Shoes

Stud Shoe Product Information: Stud Shoes are another application to protect piping from potential piercings from nails during the sheet rock process. Along with creating a protective barrier for piping passing through a stud, Stud Shoes also help reinforce the stud.

As seen by the picture above, Stud Shoes have a large “U” shape in the middle of the body so that they fit around the pipe that the Stud Shoe is protecting. Our Stud Shoes are made of galvanized steel, and just like all of our manufactured products, they’re made in the USA.

Prop 65 Warning

Contact Information:For more information on our Stud Shoes, give us a call at 1 (800) 345-2069 or email us at sales@metalproducts.com

Catalog number Description Gauge Case quantity Case weight
SS2X6-16 2″ X 6″ 16 50 24
SS2X6 2″ X 6″ 18 50 19
SS4X6-16 4″ X 6″ 16 25 18
SS4X6 4″ X 6″ 18 25 14
SS6X6-16 6″ X 6″ 16 25 19
SS6X6 6″ X 6″ 18 25 16

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